Karma Creative is committed to conducting its business operations in an environmentally responsible manner and recognises the need to continually improve its operations, reduce any adverse effects to the environment and strive to achieve an economic balance between environmental management and business activities.

The minimisation and control of waste is an essential part of our environmental controls and is used as a monitor towards continuous improvement and reduction in pollution.

In order to achieve these overall objectives the following policy has been formalised:

•  To identify and use materials/processes which reduce the risk of pollution.
•  To promote natural resource conservation by encouraging efficient use of energy, minimum use of raw materials, and use of recycled materials where practical.
•  Take a proactive approach to environmental management.
•  To minimise discharges, emissions, waste and their effects on the environment while maximising recycling.
•  To encourage our suppliers and contractors to maintain sound environmental practices.
•  To ensure that all employees are made aware of environmental issues on site through a programme of training relevant to their roles.
•  To ensure compliance with environmental legislation and regulations.