Olly Murs ‘Right Place, Right Time’ Tour 2013

It seems fitting to blog about heart-throb Olly Murs on Valentines Day.

Olly Murs feels like an old friend of Karma Creative these days. We go way back!

We were really pleased here at Karma to get the call from Global Merchandising Services to design and produce the merchandise for Olly’s 2013 tour.

It’s Olly’s 3rd UK tour and he seems as psyched as his fans to get out there and perform.

In his opening statement on the tour programme Olly says…

“Right place, right time as a title sums up my career to this point. I’ve worked hard in everything I’ve done. Doing what’s felt right, and everything has fit into place”

We feel that statement could easily apply to Karma Creative.

For this tour Karma have designed a range of merchandise including the tour brochure, t-shirts, tote bag, posters (including a limited edition poster) and signed photos.

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