Olympic Exhibition for News International ‘The Spirit of the Games’

With the build up and anticipation of the Olympics fast approaching it seems like all eyes are on London at the moment.

We are all anxiously waiting wondering if this can possibly be a success. Questions are being asked; Will the building works be complete in time?  Will the security fiasco be sorted?  How will London transport cope?  How will I get to work?  What has Danny Boyle got in store for us?  Will Daly, Ellis, Wiggins and co do us proud?  and will Bolt wait for the gun?

No matter what your concerns the games are almost here and if like us you are base in London town there is no escape. Here at Karma we are getting really excited. We do have some logistical concerns like most businesses but having spent the past two months researching the history of the Olympics for a fantastic project we are definitely in the spirit of it now.

At the beginning of June we were approached by a representative of News International. They had heard about the work we have been doing and asked us to attend a meeting at their plush new office tower at St Catherines dock looking over the Thames. We were told that they had a space that they would like some wall graphics installed on and a range of Olympic photographs and would like us to create an exhibition that documented everything.

So with Camera, note pad and tape measure in hand and an open mind we set off to see what was in store.

Wow!! On arrival we were shown around the executive suite on the very top floor of the building with its magnificent views all over London. The space we had to work with was massive with vast white walls. We were told that the space we were filling was used to entertain the most important people visiting from all around the world. No pressure on us then!!

The meeting was great and we left with a vast library of images and a mind full of ideas. We set to work on a concept that we thought would tell the story of the olympics and be engaging to anyone viewing it. After some very late nights and lots of coffee we created an exhibition that brought together the entire history of the Olympics starting in 1896 using over 100 years of photography that News International had in archive along with our well researched facts. We installed a running track on the floor that had a start and finish line and flowed around the exhibition guiding the viewer around in the right direction.

This job has been a lot of hard work but has been a real labour of love for us. The games being held in our home town is a once in a lifetime event and to be involved in such an amazing project has been a real pleasure. Our client couldn’t be more happier and the feedback we have had from those who have visited it has been great. Lord Coe, Victoria Pendleton and Sir Clive Woodward have all been and signed their walls. If you are lucky enough to be invited to visit it you will be in for a real treat.

Here’s to the success of London 2012 and a massive GOOD LUCK to Team GB.





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