Phil and co complete London to Paris cycle ride

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to all of our lovely family, friends, colleagues and clients for kindly sponsoring us on this adventure. Your kind words of support have been very encouraging and certainly helped us soldier on. x

Our team (Bellaton) raised over £15,000 for the wonderful children’s charity Action Medical Research with the whole London to Paris event collectively raising over £650k

Team Bellaton, consisting of Phil Dias, Michael Fahey, Mark Boulton, Robert Jenkins, Robert Brooks, Chris Holland and Tom Donnelly met our fellow companions bright and early at Tower Bridge for a briefing and after months of training, dieting and protein drinks we finally set off with 320 miles of open road ahead of us. Our task was simple, follow bright orange signs and get there in one piece.

All started well until we got ten minutes down the road and got lost in Greenwich. Fortunately after this slight slip up everything went a bit more smoothly and we took in some delightful scenery, tackling  some monster climbs and finally ended up cycling down the Champs Elysees Wiggo stylee.

The whole experience was amazing and to top it off we watched the final stage of The Tour De France come into Paris and were lucky enough to meet Chris Froome and the rest of Team Sky.


DAY 1: Wednesday 17th July, 6.30am – London – Dover

Distance – 87.4 miles
Elevation – 4,171ft
Moving Time – 05:25:47
Max speed – 45.6mph
Average speed – 16.1mph
Calories burnt – 3,271

DAY 2: Thursday 18th July, 8am – Calais – Arras

Distance – 85.1 miles
Elevation – 5,351ft
Moving Time – 05:16:33
Max speed – 38.9mph
Average speed – 16.1mph
Calories burnt – 3,120

DAY 3: Friday 19th July, 8am – Arras – Compiegne

Distance – 87 miles
Elevation – 3,360ft
Moving Time – 04:47:43
Max speed – 39.4mph
Average speed – 18.1mph
Calories burnt – 3,160

DAY 4: Saturday 20th July, 8am – Compiegne – Paris

Distance – 58.5 miles
Elevation – 2,129ft
Moving Time – 03:23:26
Max speed – 36.5mph
Average speed – 17.2mph
Calories burnt – 2,250

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