What services do we provide for you?

Karma Creative provide a variety of services – most of our bookings are for vinyl decals for events, but they’ve also created huge banners for festivals, and roller banners and foam core boards for conference style events. I hope to use Karma Creative in future for other print assets too. 

What was the best part about the service you were provided?

The outstanding personal service – they are such a lovely team, you couldn’t ask to work with nicer people. 

Would you recommend our service and why?

The Karma Creative team always go above and beyond to make sure we’re happy with the job. When you have a high stakes project in production, it’s always reassuring to know you can deal with a company who will have the attention to detail and quick service that you need. 

If you were to describe our company in 3 words, what would they be?

Friendly, professional, fast. 

Any further comments?

Thank you for all the work over the years! Look forward to many more.


About NTS radio

NTS Radio is an online radio station and media platform based in the Hackney area of London, England. The station was founded in April 2011 by Femi Adeyemi and produces a diverse range of live radio shows, digital media and live music based events.

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