STORM watches TV advert

STORM is a recognised British fashion watch brand specialising in innovative watch design.

Project info

We were asked by STORM London to create a TV Commercial to be shown on National Television, YouTube and other social media platforms.

We began by story boarding 3 ideas, which we pitched to the client. Upon receiving approval on the direction the client wished to take, we refined the story board and started organising the shoot. We cast 6 hand models, hired a green screen studio and built a platform for the models hands to rest on. Using our story board we then filmed all of our hand models doing various movements in a one day studio shoot.

Next we worked in the studio with our post production team to cut together both a 20 second and 10 second edit to a chosen soundtrack. This was then refined and edited seamlessly with the music and finally we recorded and inserted the voiceover’s saying STORM.

The TV Commercial is all about playfulness and diversity, with a catchy rhythm. The hands are reaching out, showing the watches as desirable sought-after objects.

We also cut a 1 minute version of the commercial which was used on YouTube and as a backdrop on screens in their various stores.


STORM behind the scenes 01

STORM behind the scenes 02

behind the scenes

behind the scenes

STORM behind the scenes 04

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